Information for Prospective Interns

The Great Southwest Collegiate League will be offering internships to college students who have worked in various capacities and are interested in performing any number of duties for the GSWCL. Interns will perform such duties as scorekeeping, the writing of press releases, public relations, photography, etc.

While the league maintains its own public relations staff, each of the 8 individual teams that comprise the league utilize many interns each summer season.

The Great Southwest Collegiate League administration encourages potential interns or players to contact the GSWCL directly.

An address, e-mail, fax, and phone number for management is readily available on the Contact Us page.


To serve as a Great Southwest Collegiate League intern, Fort Worth accommodations are required, even if said accommodations are temporary in nature. Interns must also provide their own mode of reliable transportation. Not all internship positions are paid. There will be special consideration for candidates who can perform multiple internship duties/jobs. It is expected that interns secure paid employment during their stay in Fort Worth.

Internship Jobs/Duties

  • Scorekeeping
  • Statkeeping
  • Marketing
  • Ticket Office
  • Advertising
  • Ticket Sales
  • Photography
  • Media Coverage
  • Field Maintenance

Please contact the GSWCL to be a part of an exciting summer of baseball.

Barrett Weaver
Great Southwest Collegiate League Commissioner