Host Families

Calling all baseball enthusiasts and fans! The Great Southwest Collegiate League is currently looking for host families for the 2018 summer in Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas, Grand Prairie, Cedar Hill and surrounding cities.

The Great Southwest Collegiate League will be the comprised of young men from colleges all over the nation in Fort Worth and Cedar Hill, Texas. Please join us in showing these young men how great the DFW area is, and just how southern hospitality works! Sign up to become an official GSWCL Host Family today.

By signing up as a host family, you will receive season tickets to ALL GSWCL games for you and your family!

Host families help to build lasting relationships with student-athletes from across the globe, and help cheer them on in their backyard. Please contact league Commissioner Barrett Weaver for more details on host families and host family involvement.

Sign up today to become an official GSWCL Host Family

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Please note: All players housed within the Great Southwest Collegiate League will be required to follow all GSWCL rules/guidelines in accordance with league policy and in accordance with the policies of each individual players' respective college/university athletic association (NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA/NCCAA/CCAA). All players will be required to follow host family rules and host family procedures set forth by the supporting host family for the duration of the summer. All players receiving host family housing are aware of responsibilities within, and are expected to respect all members of the host family, extended family, neighbors, and community members. Any player who does not comply with host family rules/procedures will be released and immediately excused by the Great Southwest Collegiate League.